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Site Preparation

Gazebo site preparation

It is necessary to have a flat, hard level surface to set your Gazebo on. This is very important and key to how your Gazebo will sit as to not put unnecessary stress on the joints and base of the Gazebo.Please see below the different options to choose from.

1.You can set your Gazebo on grass and we recommend that you use 2’x8″x16″ pavers under the stress areas which would be beneath the posts and floor joist and you can use shims to make the Gazebo sit level.
2.You can use larger pavers to cover the complete area where your base will sit and this is a personal preference .

3.You can use any crushed gravel to make sure that you have good drainage as we do not want your Gazebo to sit on moist wet ground.

4.You may decide to have a concrete slab poured and set your Gazebo on top of the slab or you can order your Gazebo without a floor and bolt you posts to the slab. Please check with us for assistance in determining the required size of the slab and you may want to check with your local building dept. to make sure that they do not have any additional requirements.

Any alterations or changes to your Gazebo should be discussed with an engineer and architect.