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Amish Build Gazebo

Our Handcrafted Amish Built Wooden Gazebos make the perfect statement for any backyard; they are a great addition to invite family and friends over for an enjoyable outdoor experience! Gazebos can offer you a relaxing private space while giving you shade and an entertaining area from the hot summer days.  At GazeboDepot.com  we let your imagination run wild by offering you customizable Gazebo Kits.

Our Wood Gazebo Kits come in various shapes such as Octagon, Rectangle and Oval and our Amish Built Gazebos are priced with Arsenic Free CA Natural Select #1 Kiln Dried Pressure Treated Pine Wood Floor w/ 2x6 Floor Joist,5/4" Decking,2x3 Handrails,4x4 Posts, Upper Rails and Corner Braces for added Strength,30 year Architectural Asphalt Shingles w/a Tongue & Groove Pine Roof Underlay or Cedar Shake Wood Shingles,2x6 Pine Rafters and a Complimentary Cupola. In addition to shape, you can choose from a large range of sizes and features. If you are looking to create your outdoor backyard oasis or enhance an existing garden landscape,an Octagon Pagoda will create that look you are going for.

Wooden Gazebos used to entertain guests may require something larger and an Oval Pagoda with benches would be ideal for when those summer nights turn into mornings. Our Gazebo Kits are easy to assemble; you will have a beautiful structure in one weekend!  Shop all of our Wood Gazebo Kits now! 

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