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Enjoy the Beauty of Gazebo Screen Rooms

Having a quality structure on the exterior of your property, such as one of our incredible Gazebo Screen Rooms, will allow you to have the styling and comfort that you need to enjoy the outdoors. Each one of our Enclosures is hand-crafted using the best possible materials, and designed to allow for the perfect amount of privacy while letting each cool breeze blow through.

We are one of the top distributors of Gazebos in all of the United States as well as on the Internet. We take pride in our products, employees and all of our loyal customers. Each one of our high-quality Gazebos is painstakingly put together with you, the customer, in mind. The end result is a Gazebo Screen Room that you will be proud to have on display outside your home.

You have complete control of the sizing, paint color, roofing material, interior benches and accessories. With a wide range of sizes and color schemes to choose from, you have the ability to pick out a perfectly tailored Gazebo with Screen that will be just right for outdoor enjoyment during your favorite seasons. Call our professional staff at Gazebo Depot today at 888-243-2410 to start the ordering process.

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Gazebo Screen Room Enclosure Rectangle
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Our Gazebo Screen Room Enclosures give you just enough privacy and let's a nice breeze blow thru.This Structure comes standard w/ 32"High T&G Panel Rails,Roll Form Aluminum Screen Panels w/ a...
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Gazebo Screen Room Enclosure Octagon
Our Gazebo Screen Room Enclosure gives you just enough privacy and let's a nice breeze blow thru. This structure comes standard w/ 32"High T&G Panel rails,Roll Form Aluminum Screen Panels w/ ...
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