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Structural Specifications

We use only #1 Grade Kiln Dried Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine & Knotty Cedar. Clear Cedar is available upon request for an additional cost.

Our Kits have a Double 2x6 Floor Joist, Double 2x6 Rafters,5/4" Deck Boards, 2x4 Center Supports w/ a 2x6 Baseboard. Bottom & Top Rails are 2x3 with your choice of 1x3, 2x2, or 2x3 pickets for the rail sections on the Bottom & Top. We offer  Laminated 4x4 Posts and we can upgrade to optional 6x6 Posts if you like. 2x8 Top Plate to attach the Roof to the Gazebo,Corner Braces are 1 1/2"Thick x17"L x7"Short End and are also a Structural requirement as well. 2x6 Fascia, The underneath standard is 1x3 Roof Lath for Cedar Shingles and a Tongue & Groove Underlay for Architectural Asphalt & Slate Shingles as required per roofing codes. Most of our Gazebos are designed with a 5/12 pitch and some even 7/12 pitch.

Gazebo Diagram

Please call Gazebo Depot or their dealers for questions Toll Free 888-243-2410 or 406-441-1552

Posts are 90” Long 74” from top of Deck to bottom of Upper Rails Bottom Rails are 32 “H

Architectural Asphalt Shingles,Cedar Shingles,Metal & Composite Slate Shingles are avialable.

Beveled Ridge Caps

Louvered Ventilated Cupola

1x3 Roof Laths 

#1 Kiln Dried Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine

Stainless Steel Screws,Hot Dipped Zinc Coated Galvanized Fasteners

2x2 Upright Picket Rails

All Kits have Double 2x6 Floor Joists and Double 2x6 Rafters for maximum support

All sections are screwed with stainless steel wood screws
Engineered Drawings available upon request Simpson clips, truss straps & thru bolts are available for Hurricane pack.

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