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A Dodecagon Gazebo is the perfect solution to housing a vast number of people This large Gazebo features 12 sides and range in size from 22’-30’ with an open air ventilation. Dodecagon Gazebos are ideal for landscapes or venues that are used for weddings or housing large parties. They can be the answers to providing shade for local parks or schools. They are stylish and will look great against any shrubbery that you place it in.

A large Gazebo like, this 12 sided Gazebo, is able to provide more strength and support to the engineering and design of this kit. The customizations of these Gazebos feature Pagoda options as well as featuring a no floor option and 6x6. Our Dodecagon Gazebos come standard with cedar shingles or asphalt shingles, depending upon the artistic design you which to feature. Shop all of our Gazebo Kits and find the perfect one for your backyard or organization!

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Our Dodecagon Gazebos are 12 sided and range in sizes  from 22'-30'. All Dodecagon Gazebos are priced with the Pressure Treated Pine Floor.The 12' sided Gazebo gives more strength and support to ...
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