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Economy Bridge Pine
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These sturdy and functionable bridges are made w/ pressure treated pine,stainless steel screws and zinc coated galvanized lags for strength and longevity
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Japanese Bridge
These garden bridges made w/ pressure treated environmentally friendly wood make a great focal point for a pond or a flower garden.All bridges can be shipped in kit form. 2x4 and 2x6 bridge can be shi...
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Log Bridge
The Log Bridges are built w/ Lodge Pole Pine and are made from a renewable resource and harvested from managed timberlandsThis beautiful and unique handcrafted log bridge can be custom made to any siz...
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Spindle Bridge
These bridges are made w/ pressure treated pine and add a charming way to cross the creek.All bridges have a railing that is 4' high and can be used as a walkover.These large bridges must be shipped M...
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